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Financial Assistance for a Home Solar Power System

When available, there may be Programs to Assist Homeowners Purchase a Solar Power System

The California Energy Commission (CEC) and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)  are administering  funds to help finance grid-tied solar electric installations in the state of California. The CEC's program,  for new residential construction only, is called the "New Solar Homes Partnership" (NSHP). The CPUC's program, called the "California Solar Initiative" (CSI), is for existing buildings (retrofits). 

Currently, the NSHP and CSI both offer incentives which will reimburse $1.55 - 2.20 per watt (or more in some cases), based on the rated AC output of the system or about 20-30% of the total system cost. These incentives are scheduled to decrease by about 12% per year, therefore we would recommend that you apply to reserve a rebate as soon as possible in order to lock in the highest amount. Once your  rebate reservation is approved, you are allowed 9 to36 months (depending on type of installation you are doing) to complete your installation and claim the money.

To obtain more information and applications for the NSHP or CSI programs, contact us here at Mountain Solar (see contact info. below), or you can log onto the CEC website: and download a guidebook with the necessary forms and information. You can also telephone the CEC with questions or to have guidebook and documents mailed to you: 1 800 555-7794.


There is also a federal income tax credit available for renewable energy systems of 30% of system cost (net after incentives), which is available beginning with the 2009 tax year. 

For more information on these or other local, state, and federal  financial incentives for renewable energy systems, log on to or contact your state energy office.

   Email or telephone us for guidance on your solar system, or a friendly, free quote!

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